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'Kyosho Minium / E Fligh' MCX style / UM battery 220mAh 45c 1S Platinum+ Batteries

Our new 45C battery          Our new 45C battery          

'Kyosho Minium / E Fligh' MCX style / UM battery 220mAh 45c 1S Platinum+ Batteries

45c Platinum+ Battery

The Miniaviation 220mAh batteries deliver what you have been waiting for - a massive 220mAh capacity in a 45C discharge UM cell. These cells provide amazing performance in the latest generation of power hungry micro aircraft from E-Flite and Parkzone such as the AS3XTRA. To help keep you in the air these cells also support 5C rapid charging with suitable charging equipment.

We have taken many months working closely with our technology partners to bring you the best cells. The very latest cell chemistry and components are used to deliver you the best voltage under load, with the absolute highest capacity available in the standard micro battery format. The graphs below show a comparison with the very latest E-Flite 150mAh 45C cells. The 10C discharge graph allows a comparison of the cells chemistry (1.5 amps for the E-Flite cell, 2.2 amps for the Miniaviation cell), the Miniaviation cell provides more voltage over the initial 50% of the discharge. The graph showing the constant 2.5 amp discharge is representative of how the cells perform in the latest power hungry aircraft. In these conditions the Miniaviation cell provides significantly higher voltage right across the discharge curve, combined with over 50% extra flight time!

These cells will fit all E-Flite & Parkzone UM and Minium micro models such as the Spitfire, Corsair, Mustang, Warhawk, Trojan and Ember amongst others. They also fit the Blade micro helicopter range, fitment is very snug but they do fit.

They fit standard E-Flite Celectra and Parkzone field charger.

Give them a try. We're sure you'll agree they are the best plug and play battery you've put in your micro plane or helicopter.

Check our feedback and forums like to see what people think of our range of batteries. We welcome all feedback on our batteries.

You will notice the difference in power over stock and zippy / turnigy cells as soon as you take to the air.

    Suitable for use with:
  • Airplanes:
  • Parkzone’s Spitfire, Ember, Cub, Warhawk, Mustang, Vapor, Sukhoi, Trojan, Pole Cat, Corsair.
  • E-flite’s Micro, Airplanes: AS3XTRA, 4-Site, Extra 300, F4, Corsair.
  • Kyosho’s: Minium Cessna210, Citabria, Flybaby, Christen Eagle, Edge
  • Hobbyzone um champ RTF
  • Helicopters: Nano CPx, MCX, MCX2, MSR, MSRx, Nano QX.
These batteries deliver the best performance in their class. Some manufacturers seem to inflate their performance figures we jsut let the results speak for themselves. The graph above shows the discharge curve for several competitors cells under a constant 1 amp load. Compare the results and decide which cells you would prefer in your model.

Spefications :

Capacity: 220 mAh
Voltage: 1S / 1 Cell / 3.7v
Discharge: 45C Constant
Charge: 5C Maximum (2-3C recommended)
Weight: 5.9g (including balance & discharge plug)
Dimensions: 45x12x6.8mm - Fits many standard chargers (extension cable can be used if required)
Balance & Discharge Plug: JST-XH

Discharge Graph - Tested at 2.5 amp    - Click to enlrge

Discharge Graph - Tested at 10C    - Click to enlrge

They will fit into the standard AA powered Parkzone field charger and the standard E Flight 4 port charger.

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Battery in charger.

'Kyosho Minium / E Fligh' MCX style / UM battery 220mAh 45c 1S Platinum+ Batteries

Our new 45C battery          Our new 45C battery